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Going through the legal process can be confusing. Our attorneys will help you navigate this difficult time with ease. We will handle your divorce or paternity action involving custody, support, and property issues with the legal expertise required for you to move forward.


Nobody knows what is best for your family better than you do. So why leave it to a judge, a stranger, to decide what is best for your family?  By working together with our help you can come to an agreement to solve your family law issues. We offer mediation services for clients wishing to take control of the issues in their divorce or paternity action. We can help resolve your matter outside of the courtroom saving both parties time and money.


We help families with children who have Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities obtain limited conservatorships.  When your child with disabilities turns 18, you no longer have the right to make legal decisions for your child.  In these situations, a limited conservatorship is needed. We can help you obtain the appropriate conservatorship in a timely manner so that you can protect your child.


Too often you see headlines where someone has passed without a will or trust.  This often leads to years of expensive litigation resulting in the depletion of the estate.  Protect your estate and ensure your wishes are followed by letting us take care of your estate planning.  We will prepare your will or trust so you can rest assured your family’s future is well protected.


Can’t afford an attorney for your entire Family Law matter?  No problem, Trivedi Law Group can help you deal with your specific needs. You can retain our services for simply conducting research, drafting documents, or representing you at a hearing.

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